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We are part of Shiva Rathi Group of Companies

The name Shiva Rathi Group (Click Hyperlink) is taken from Shiv Rath Bus Service which frequently crosses the road near our house. Shiva Rathi means "Vehicle of Shiva" as Lord Shiva is our father. Our Company was started on 10 April 2001. Intially Damnrasoi serviced only Mumbai, and then in 2017 we moved to other cities. Our company was registered on 17 May 2007, and became leading manpower supplier of Delhi/NCR. The Private Limited Company was registered on 1 Feb, 2012. Damnrasoi is brain-child of Mr. Jayaprakash, a Silicon Valley investor, venture capitalist and innovator having net-worth more than Rupees 6500 crores. He has 88.33% stake in company. Founders are Subhash, having 7.67% stake and Anurag having 4% stake. CEO of Shiva Rathi Group is Arun Singh, his direct email is sunnypate1l@yahoo.com

Last Five Year Statistics. 2020 -34126 Placements, 2021 -35678 Placements, 2022- 31224 Placements, 2023 -17008 Placements, 2024 (Till June) -27171 Placements

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Damnrasoi is now operational in 52 countries, with focus on India, Middle-East, USA and UK

We are preferred Temp Staffing Company

With over more than 3 million placements in 19 years, we are preferred Temp Staffing Company.

We have head office in Purnia, Bihar, and our main job is to recruit contractual laborer in Bihar, Jharkhand, UP and Telengana. Our Big office is in Mehrauli, Delhi, and partner office in USA, Noida, Mumbai, Bengalaru and Prayagraj

The Main owners of company are Subhash Chandra Thakur -LinkedIn Profile and Priyanka. Subhash is in Ranchi and Priyanka is in Delhi. The other full-time employees are Shailesh Chandra, Neha Rani, Binod Prasad and Anurag. There are 10 people in Prayagraj, 5 people in Mumbai, and 6 people in Jharkhand. The current employee strength is 244 with agents in Assam, Gujarat, Hyderabad, Karnataka and Kerala Ajay Thakur is head of Bangalore, Danish is head of Hyderabad, Naresh is head of Mumbai, Rajesh Jha is head of Delhi/NCR, Debdeep is head of Kolkata, Parag is head of Pune, Renish Pallakal, who works from home is head of Chennai and Kerala. Manu is head of Jharkhand and Bihar, and Tanushree Dutta is head of North-East India. Hitendra is head of Uttar Pradesh/Uttarakhand/Himachal/Punjab. Shailesh Chandra is Customer Care Head. We have recently appointed an educated maid - Suman Rangnathan as South India Head.

When we started we were placing 30 Maids per day. Till August 2023 we placed 10 Maids per day, but we have to pay maintenance to maids if they don't get job, so that was eating large part of our income, so since October 2023 we are placing only 2 maids per day. We charge Rupees 1500 per week for 4 week, if we bring maids from Nepal, Bengal, Jharkhand or Orissa to Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru

Many people ask us for reference, so our Reference are - Rohit Dutt 09718882521, Geetanjali 09899972566, Shantam Singh 9911088009, Pragati 9654734253, Mr. Malhotra 9971477588

The maid reference for proper treatment from us are: BK Soni 9263705352, Suraj 8709749907, Roshni 9102193413, Geeta Murmu 6207591183, Abinash Jha 8210970828

The Registration Number of Shiva Rathi Group is UDYAM-JH-11-0024779 and NIC 5 Digit Codes are 68200, 70200 and 78100

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We have more than 150K freelancers working with us.

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